Success Stories

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A strategic design *Success Story* is an expression of both the creative process and the quality of its implementation. The following success stories not only are a testimony to BAVG's design implementation skills, but they also illustrate how through the power of strong collaborative partnerships and the application of knowledge and experience, successful results can be achieved.

These examples represent just a few of the high-profile projects that BAVG has accomplished.

Architectural Presentation

Corporate Environments & Other Offices

Our interior and exterior corporate designs range from a timeless “classic” look to a bold modern aesthetic, with design effects that are both functional and simultaneously playful.

Sleek, streamlined, and savvy signage injects life, color and vibrancy to the of... View More

Hotels & Hospitality Atmosphere

Unique production that caters the distinctive hospitality needs in today's Hotel Industry. Developing captivating architectural details inclusive of brand signage, wayfinding, illuminated accents and ambiance decor.

Our quality craftsmanship ensures that all production has ... View More

Exterior Architectural & Outdoor Details

Development of a complete, intuitively designed signage program that communicates information and services, through signage with unique personality.

Bold and sleek style designs are produced in various durable materials and fabrication techniques, while conveying navigation... View More

Medical & Educational Institutions

Production and implementation of unified signage program systems that carry through Educational and Medical Institutions. Smart designs are executed in a distinctive layout that promotes effective wellness environments within its field.

Our Way Finding systems coordinate cl... View More