Sign Systems

Interchangeable and budget-friendly signage solutions that allow hardware to remain despite future message changes and brand shifts.


ID Wayfinding Sign Systems

A “Designer Friendly” and changeable modular structure of signs available in an unlimited range of mediums, finishes and sizes.

Its comprehensive system is a professional wayfinding solution and perfect fit for all interior applications in hospitals, educational campuses, corporate offices, museums and other facilities .

The group of full control user shape components and aesthetic characters enhance each aspect of the signage and its environment.


Floor Stands & Stanchions

Attract more customers … coming and going; whether it’s a floor stand or a dual sided stanchion sign, both are easily positioned to capture attention.

Features include interior or exterior applications, insert of graphics and the stand is lightweight, yet durable.


Curved Signs

Specially produced with frame extrusions using any flat, flexible substrate to create curved-face signs.

These combine the convenience of different features such as 3D lettering formats or signage with inserts for easy changes, wall-mounted or outdoor, light superior construction, dent and rust resistant, sleek and with contemporary styling.